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January-March 7:30 to 4:00 Monday thru Friday

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1124 E 9th
Minden, NE 68959


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Joe Anderson

Weed Superintendent

About This Office

The Kearney County Noxious Weed Control is a 5 person elected board, which directs the activities of the Weed Superintendent. The Weed Superintendent is an appointed County Official, appointed by the Kearney County Noxious Weed Board.

Services of This Office

The Kearney County Weed Control Authority is responsible for administering the Noxious Weed Control law at the local level. The authority also establishes a coordinated noxious weed control program, caused proper control methods to be utilized following failure of the landowner to provide control, issues individual noxious notices, notifies county attorney of landowners failure to take action to control noxious weeds and files notices with the register of deeds of possible unpaid weed control assessment against a property.

Performed Duties

The Kearney County Weed Control Authority sprays county roadsides, performed land inspections, works to inform landowners, Help landowners develop a plan to control there noxious weeds and other weeds, and stays up to date of the latest noxious weeds and watch list weeds and control tactics for these weeds.


Where is the Noxious Weed Control Office?

The office is located at 1124 E 9th Minden NE (With Road Dept.)

Shop is at 1315 N Hull (Just North of City of Minden Street Dept.)

What are Noxious Weeds?

The director of the Department of Agriculture establishes which non-native and harmful plants are noxious and the control measures to be used in the prevention of their spread.

Who is responsible for controlling noxious weeds?

The Nebraska Noxious Weed Control Act states that it is the duty of each person who owns or controls land to effectively control noxious weeds on such land.

Who can I call about Noxious Weeds?

Calls about noxious weed can be made to the office of the Noxious Weed Supt. at 832-2854 or you can stop by the office and fill out a complaint form.

Who pays for Noxious Weed control?

The persons owning or controlling the land is responsible for funding weed control work of such land.

Can someone be forced to control Noxious Weeds?

Yes. Failure to comply with the Nebraska Weed Control Act can result in up to a $1,500 fine plus the cost of the control.

How can I tell if I have Noxious Weeds on my property?

Check for Information on the internet. Or you can pick up information at the county extension office. Your county Weed Superintendent can identify each noxious weed and will assist you in the proper control measures.

Is Marijuana a Noxious Weed?

While the growing and use of Marijuana is illegal it is not very competitive with agricultural crops. The illegal growing or use of Marijuana should be reported to the Sheriff or State Patrol.