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Nebraska Department of Roads

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Randall Smith

Highway Superintendent

The following permits are Editable PDF's, which allow you to view the form through your browser and type in requested information. You can then print off the form and send it to the appropriate Kearney County Department.

Application for Buried Line Permit
Application for Driveway Permit
Application for Overwidth Moving Permit

The Highway Superintendent is required to submit an annual budget and a One & Six Year Road Plan to the Board of Commissioners and the Nebraska DOR. The budget should reflect the road maintenance needs and construction improvements on or before April 1st of each year.

The Board of Commissioners, with the assistance of the Highway Superintendent, must prepare and adopt a One and Six Year Road Plan which includes the following items:

  1. A project accomplishment list for the next fiscal year. Map of the 2024 Construction Projects
  2. A project priority list for the following five fiscal years. Map of the 2024-2030 Construction Projects

The project accomplishment list and annual budget may be revised only if unforeseen circumstances occur. Any revision must be approved by the Nebraska Board of Classification and Standards. The priority of improvement of improvement of roads is within the sound discretion of the Board of Commissioners.

Kearney County operates 8 motor grader routes to cover 788 miles of gravel and 60 miles of hard surface roads. Each operator has an average of 98 miles per route. It takes approximately two weeks to blade over an entire route. Kearney County Road Department personnel are responsible for sign, bridge, asphalt, and equipment maintenance along with vegetation control and construction projects.

At the present time we have 14 full time operators.