Public Hearing Procedure


NO APPLAUSE OR DISRUPTIONS. If anyone does so, you will be asked to leave the meeting.

  1. Presentation of the petition request by the petitioner or his/her attorney or other authorized representative;
  2. Presentation of comments or recommendations by the Zoning Administrator or other technical staff, agency, or consultant serving the Board, or from which the Board has sought input or advice;
  3. Comments and questions by members of the Board;
  4. Comments and questions by any member(s) of the public either in support of or in opposition to the petition;
    1. If a Husband and Wife have comments, we ask that only one speak for the Household. If both wish to speak, please limit the time to one 10 minute segment.
    2. If you have submitted written comments, a copy has been furnished to all Board Members. We ask you not read you written comments you have submitted prior. We welcome any additional comments you may have.
    3. Please limit your comments to 10 minutes.
  5. Rebuttals or final statement by the petitioner or his/her attorney or other authorized representative.

Please submit written communication 48 hours prior to the hearing so the board has time to peruse the document, any person may submit a copy of their comments regarding the petition at the time of the hearing for public record.

It is important to the Planning Commission to hear all testimony in regards to the petition. In order for this to happen the following procedures will be followed when giving testimony:

  • Approach the podium
  • State your name and address
  • Deposit your form in the box
  • Address all comments to the Planning Commission.
  • If your comment has already been stated, written or oral, please refrain from repeating.
  • The Chairperson shall have the authority to limit discussion by the Board or the Public if such discussion is repetitious or irrelevant.